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1314 Supply List

All students must have at all times:

Instrument and bow in good working order
Violin/Viola - Shoulder Rest
Cello - Rock Stop
Bass - Rock Stop, Stool, Foot Stool
Cleaning Cloth

1 inch binder for class notes/music (Violin: Orange, Viola: Green, Cello/Bass: Blue)
1/2 inch black binder for concerts
Spiral Notebook (Violin: Orange, Viola: Green, Cello/Bass:  Blue)
SPEKS Book - you can use the orange one from last year or purchase one from the directors for $5.

Violins:  1 box of Kleenex
Violas:  1 bottle of Sanitizer
Cellos:  1 package of paper plates, 1 package of plastic forks
:  2 rolls of paper towels