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JEHS Theatre Arts Classes
Theatre Arts Classes are designed to offer Progressive,Step by Step, Hands On instruction in all aspects of Theatre.

Theatre One is a Foundational Course. All fundamentals of the Theatre are explored and developed. Fundamentals include:
Etiquette, Group Dynamics, Rhythmic Movement, Creative Development, Time Management, Technical Foundations, Vocal Production, Speech, Staging, Writing and much more.

JAGUAR THEATRE COMPANY is the Varsity Theatre Group consisting of Theatre II, III, and IV combined. This class continues the development of Fundamentals and works in Application of all Skills in a Performance based format. All students work as a fully functioning Theatrical Company. Students work in various Departments of Performance, Management, Lights, Audio, Costume and Makeup, Stage, Set and Scenery. Additional workshops are provided in Specialized Aspects of Theatre training such as Stage Combat, Circus Arts, Dance, Maskwork, Dialects, and more.