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Sky's the Limit Migrant Club...

- And It Doesn't Stop There


Aims and Purposes 

The “Sky’s the Limit” Migrant Club offers migrant students the opportunity to be able to promote an understanding and appreciation of the migrant way of life throughout the campus and to participate in a variety of activities to develop leadership skills including communication, problem solving, goal setting, planning, conflict mediation, decision making and time management.



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Sky's the Limit Migrant Club 

Updated (2-10-17)


Students, our club currently has 131 members.
This is a new district  record.  We ordered 100 club shirts, also a first for this year's club.  We will proceed to use the Whatsapp to communicate with club members.  Our next club meeting is on Wednesday, March 1st, after school, in the library. Students will earn points for attendance and for wearing their migrant club shirt. 

URGENT MESSAGE:  Migrant Club Photo for the Yearbook on Tuesday, February 21st during 3rd period in the PAC.  We will send out notices and block you so you do not get marked absent. Be prompt. Also, if you have not purchased your migrant club shirt, see Mrs. Alejos.  We want all club members to come out in the photo.  


 "Sky's the Limit, But We Don't Stop There"

Migrant Club 

2016 - 2017 



President:  Alexis Martinez
Vice-President:  Karla Garcia
Secretary:  Edith Salinas
Treasurer:  Kassandra Gonzalez
Historian: Alondra Gonzalez
Parliamentarian: Irasema Almanza
Chaplin: Kristen Livingston
Royal Court of Honor GIF
Royal Court of Honor

Image of - King: Alexis Martinez, Queen: Karla Garcia, Prince: Juan Colin and Princess: Nathalie Tijerina
King - Alexis Martinez
Queen - Karla Garcia
Prince - Juan Colin
Princess - Nathalie Tijerina

2016-2017 Migrant Club News!
Making a Difference
Historical Events
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Sky's The Limit JEHS Migrant Club

Banner Design by: Diana Alejos and Eddie Martinez  2009-2010

Harvest of Dreams


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JEHS Migrant Club Song

We're the Sky's the Limit Migrant Club;

United and Loyal We Stand!

We Strive to Do Our Best,

in Everything We Do.

We're the Sky's the Limit Migrant Club.

We're the Sky's the Limit Migrant Club;


We Strive to Do Our Best,

in Everything We Do.

We're the Sky's the Limit Migrant Club.

Club Song by: Diana Alejos - Copywrite © 2008

2015 - 2016 Highlights

  Visit our Migrant Program at:  www.jehsmigrantprogram.com