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Project Awareness - Who Puts Food on Our Tables?

Modern-Day Slavery in the U.S. - Wake Up America!


In Memory of U. Roberto Romano Who Tried to Open the Eyes of America
to the Terrible Injustices Done to Children Legally in the U.S.
Agriculture is the 3rd Most Dangerous Industry and Children
as Young as 12 can Legally Work for Long Hours and For
Little Pay

The JEHS Sky's the Limit Migrant Club Members are actively involved in the Migrants in Action project awareness endeavor . This involves writing essays about their migrant life stories, a requirement for College Assistance Migrant Programs (CAMP Scholarships) throughout the U.S. 

This Migrants in Action Project Awareness

is motivating students to prepare their college and scholarship essays, because they want to help bring about change in America.  Four years ago, 2010-2011, Dulce Loera, a senior at Johnny G. Economedes, signed up for an essay competition. Her essay was selected from hundreds submitted and she and her mother were flown to Washington, D.C. where she was recognized for her work and also received a $350 scholarship from the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs or AFOP.  This year the migrant club members will be creating profiles that will depict their migrant life stories and their stories will be posted on a special "Migrant Children" website to bring nation-wide awareness about current migrant working conditions, especially children in the fields. This project will be led by the JEHS Sky's the Limit Migrant Club Coalition.

Students are encouraged by their parents and educators at JEHS to work hard in school in order to change their migrant lives due to the eminent problem that still exists today in America: very low wages (below poverty level) and substandard living conditions and working conditions for the migrant farm-workers. Apart from all this the migrant children and their families have had to endure the apathy from many who feel that the migrant life is a choice and not due to need.