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JEHS Migrant Youth Coalition

                                 JEHS Sky's the Limit Migrant Club Youth Coalition

Youth councils throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley have joined AFOP in an on-going effort to educate the public about the "Children in the Fields."   Young children as old as 12 years of age and younger are picking the fruits and vegetables that we put on our tables everyday.   Our children, who have to sometimes miss school due to migration, sometimes fall behind in their school work and sometimes drop out of school, because it is too hard to catch up or because of the financial burdens the family might have, are forced to work to help support the family.  JEHS programs, such as the CTCOHS Lab and PLATO Lab help migrant students to recuperate credits and help them catch up.  As part of the youth coalition of the JEHS Sky's the Limit, but we Don't Stop There Migrant Club, we encourage any migrant student to visit the guidance office with Mrs. Alejos and their respective academic counselor and start a plan of action to catch up.  Let's make it a year that helps to make dreams come true.  Join the JEHS Migrant Club Youth Coalition and spread the word.  Make it known that we do not have to go very far to find poverty in other countries. It is happening in our OWN backyards!    Let's make a difference and stand up for our migrant children.  Let's bring to light the Children in the Fields and let's encourage migrant children to get an education to change their migrant way of life!  People need to be educated. People need to know how unfair child labor laws REALLY are and our migrants need your help and support whether it is through giving through our donation efforts or sending a donation via paypal, but every little bit counts. Since it's inception, our migrant club has raised funds to give five or more deserving migrant club seniors scholarships to help defray the cost of books and other expenses once they go to college and every year we try to do something special for the end of the year field-trip. Last year we took 34 migrant students to Six Flags and out of the 34 students, 26 had never been. Support our efforts, if nothing else, by helping us to raise funds.      

                                                                               The following video is for education purposes only.

Special thanks to all of our JEHS migrant students who shared their 
photos with us in order to make this video possible.

The Sky's the Limit Migrant Club

Performs the Play "El Moscas y los Pesticidas"

By Migrants in Action

El Moscas y los Pesticidas

The JEHS Migrant Club Coalition presented the "El Mosca" y los Pesticidas on December 8th at the JEHS PAC at 6:00 p.m. 
To view our migrant club members in action, visit the Migrants in Action website.