City Council Adopts JEHS Migrant Student Proclamation

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The Edinburg City Council adopted a proclamation brought to them by the Johnny Economedes High School (JEHS) and the Edinburg CISD Migrant Education Program. The proclamation declared December 2012 through March 2013 as Household Hazardous Materials and Pesticide Safety Awareness Months. The City of Edinburg and JEHS joined efforts to increase awareness on household and chemical hazards that children may be exposed to at home, in the community, and while working in the fields as migrant/seasonal farm workers. The JEHS Sky’s the Limit Migrant Club members took on the challenge to present an educational-interactive play, "El Moscas y los Pesticidas," to educate citizens and children in the City of Edinburg regarding household hazardous materials and pesticides. Pictured at the Edinburg City Council are Mayor Richard Garcia; City Council members Agustin "Gus" Garcia, Mayor Pro Tem, J.R. Betancourt, Homer Jasso, Jr., and Elias Longoria, Jr.; migrant student members of the Sky's the Limit Migrant Club; Pablo Martinez, JEHS Assistant Principal, Dalinda Anzaldua, JEHS Migrant Clerk, Diana Alejos, JEHS Migrant Counselor and Noemi Ochoa, CEO for the Migrants in Action Organization.

This video shows pictures and short video clips of the performance of the play, "El Moscas y los Pesticidas"'
by the Sky's the Limit Migrant Club members in 2012-2013.  The play was a huge success!  The students
performed in school in front of over 1,200 students, parents and staff and at the From Harvest to Harvard
Conference in front of an audience of at least 1,500 migrant students from schools throughout the Rio
Grande Valley.  The play aired on CATS-TV for two weeks. CATS-TV is the ECISD school channel and
reaches many citizens of the Edinburg populice including the parents of students in over 40 schools in the 
district.  The migrant club members accomplished what they set out to do, reach as many people as
possible to inform them of the dangers of pesticides.  Congratulations to all the students who spend
countless hours practicing and who worked hard to make this play a great success.

2012-2013 Migrant Student Leadership Conference

The Sky's the Limit Migrant Club had its moment of glory at the From Harvest to Harvard Leadership Conference where they performed the "El Moscas y Los Pesticidas" play in front of over a thousand migrant students from throughout the Rio Grande Valley. The JEHS Migrant club members who attended, met Jose Hernandez, former migrant and astronaut, who was the keynote speaker at the conference.

The students invested many hours after school and on Saturdays in order to take their message out to the public on pesticide awareness. Despite what some people think that "pesticides are not a problem anymore in this day and age," pesticides are STILL a major concern and students and their families need to learn how to protect themselves. This major community project was first launched by the University of Texas Pan American CAMP students a couple of years ago. Next, United ISD did a fabulous job in taking the message out to their community, culminating in taking the message to the migrant educators at the State and National Migrant conferences and finally, Johnny G. Economedes migrant students took on the challenge and performed at the Annual Leadership Conference sponsored by MIA (Migrants in Action). This is an Environmental Protection Agency grant-supported public awareness project meant to educate migrant students and their families. The JEHS Sky's the Limit Migrant club members and the JEHS migrant staff would like to thank EPA and MIA for empowering our young migrant students.

You can view the play; 

Scene 1 

Scene 2.


In Memory of:

Image of - Jesus Arias  Image of - Jesus Arias

Jesus Arias

It is with great honor that I dedicate these words to one of our former migrant students, Jesus. His service in the migrant club has been unparalleled. Jesus obtained the "Citizenship Award" for the migrant club, because '"Jesus was always willing to lend a helping hand. Jesus was also instrumental in helping with the play, "El Moscas y los Pesticidas." 

Unfortunately, Jesus met with an untimely death. His appendix ruptured, causing him to collapse and the doctors were not able to save him.  He was a good person, someone that in spite of his young years, deemed much respect. He was always there to help out.  He is truly missed. Jesus will continue to be in our thoughts and in our hearts. May he rest in peace.


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