2013-2014 Harvest of Dreams

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Edinburg – Economedes High School:
 This year the members of the Sky's the Limit Migrant Club have decided to present another play to their fellow classmates and the community.  This year's play will be "Harvest of Dreams."  It is geared towards one main focus; to expose the migrant way of life, while at the same time, educate the students and the community about the importance of going on and getting a post-secondary education. The play portrays the life of a young girl whose dream is to someday make her mother proud. She promises to make "the best grades she can" and sets a goal for herself, "I will be number one or number two in my graduating class, but I refuse to be number three."  This play was inspired by the events in the life of a former migrant student at the school, Sofia Velazquez, whose dream was to attend Harvard University. 

Historically, local Hispanic families travel many miles to find work and every year they migrate. They follow the harvest with hope that they will be able to bring home enough money to pay their property taxes, add a room to their home, buy a vehicle, buy clothes for their children for school, etc. These economically disadvantaged families struggle to make ends meet and their only hope is that their children go on to college so that they, their children, do not continue in the same cycle of poverty.  This project is meant to open the public’s eyes to the heartfelt truth that children, as young as seven years of age, pick the very fruits and vegetables that we put on our tables every day.  

See the play,Harvest of Dreams by clicking Here.

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