Albert Lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Scholarship<


Overcoming Obstacles - NASDME in 2014

It was the Tenth year that the Albert Lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Scholarship was offered and Irma Umanzor was the fifth recipient from Johnny G. Economedes to receive this scholarship.  Irma Umanzor, a migrant student who graduated in May of 2014, was a student who excelled in spite of many obstacles in her life. Irma's life story was a very sad one, but yet, an inspiring one. She had to grow up without a mother in the home, which seriously made her feel a lack of self-worth. Her home burnt down while very young and she and her family had to live in temporary housing. Irma's feelings of despair, at times, overwhelmed her, but she learned to cope and to overcome.  Her instruction was severely interrupted due to migration and she was retained, but yet, in spite of, she did not give up and she excelled. Her story of success is inspiring to others. It has made Irma who she is today, a better person. Irma is a perfect example of, "Si se puede."  Johnny G. Economedes High School is very proud of Irma and her accomplishments!  Felicidades!


Go HERE to watch a video where Irma plays the part of one of the characters in the play "Harvest of Dreams."  The play was meant to educate the community about the migrant way of life.  It was meant to motivate and to help migrant children see that there is a better way to obtain a better future 'for themselves and their future families.  HARVEST OF DREAMS 





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