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Johnny G. Economedes
Migrant Program!

                   "You are what you think you are. Change the way you think and you will change your future." Karim Hajee                

    JEHS Migrant Program Staff

Image of - JEHS Migrant Program Staff

                                 (L to R) Aaron Salinas - CTCOHS Lab Teacher), Romeo Salinas -  CTCOHS Lab Teacher Assistant, Diana Alejos - Migrant Counselor,                                     Lorraine Iglesias - Secondary Credit Accrual, Noelia Alaniz - Migrant Program Secretary and Edica Siller - Migrant Recruiter.

     The migrant program was designed to help meet the needs of our J.E.H.S. migrant students. We offer on-going supplemental services, support services and academic advisement to our migrant students and their families. Some of the supplemental services include, but are not limited to: student and parent orientation, individual and group counseling, migrant parent meetings, Credit by Exam (local and UT-Austin), AP and THEA testing, consolidation of grades, updating transcripts, college and university visits and recruitment, assistance with the FAFSA (free application for student aid application), summer school program referrals, oversee the migrant club, migrant senior workshop, follow up on academic, discipline and attendance reports and collaborate with the J.E.H.S. staff and administration.

      Diana Alejos is the migrant counselor on our campus. She organizes, plans and coordinates all migrant program activities. Parents are encouraged to contact Ms. Alejos at (956)289-2450 ext. 7020 for any questions pertaining to student supplemental services, support services or student progress. 

      Noelia Alaniz is our J.E.H.S. Migrant Secretary. She can assist you with any concerns you may have concerning any of our migrant student services. Lorraine Iglesias is our new JEHS migrant recruiter. You may wish to see the migrant recruiter if you have any questions about your eligibility and/or migrant status.  Dalinda Anzaldua is our Credit Accrual Clerk. She may assist you with grade transfers out-of-district which involves collecting grades. She works very closely with the migrant counselor and registrars for accuracy. 

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Migrant Club
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New Officers:
President:  Alexis Martinez
Vice-President:  Karla Garcia
Secretary:  Edith Salinas
Treasurer:  Kassandra Gonzalez
Historian: Alondra Gonzalez
Parliamentarian: Irasema Almanza
Chaplin: Kristen Livingston

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