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2013 - 2014 Historical Event

Making History - The Migrant Club Adopts a New Motto!  

Member and the JEHS Migrant Club King for 2013 - 2014, Gabriel Reyes, proposed that the Sky's the Limit Migrant Club adopt a new motto.  The Sky's the Limit is our old motto.  The club members voted to accept, "The Sky's the Limit, but we Don't Stop There" as the club's official club motto.   What prompted this?   Our JEHS migrant club performed at the From Harvest to Harvard Leadership Conference in the Spring of 2013 and the members who attended met former migrant, now astronaut, Jose Hernandez.  He was the keynote speaker at the conference.  Now, with an astronaut who has gone out into space and to the moon, the "Sky's the Limit" is no longer applicable for our migrant club members, they feel that now, it is beyond that so the 2013-2014 club members chose to change the club motto and created their first historical event.   

"The Sky's the Limit, but we Don't Stop There"

Image of - The sky's the limit