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Meet the Teacher Night - Sept. 15th - Club Fundraiser

Image of - Meet the Teacher Night - Sept. 15th - Club Fundraiser

(L to R) Edith Salinas, Genesis Velasquez, Susan Sosa, Laura Lopez, Lorraine Iglesias - Migrant Credit Accrual, Diana Alejos - Migrant Counselor, Zulema Muñoz, Cinthya Marin and Faith Rodriguez.  Students not shown here in the photo who helped include: Cindy Vasquez, Maria Cazares, Rubi Ramirez, Kenia Marin, Tomas Rodriguez, Maria Almanza, Rosaura Almanza, Irasema Almanza, Aliyah Guzman and Alondra Y. Gonzalez. 

Fundraising for Scholarships and the End of the Year Field-trip

Our migrant club at Johnny G. Economedes High School prides in giving a minimum of 5 scholarships once a year to very deserving migrant club seniors.  This last year, 2014-2015, our club honored 7 students with a $100 scholarship each. The club members include migrant and non-migrant students and all of our club members are treated equally. Our migrant students invite their non-migrant friends to become members of our club and we welcome all students with open arms.  The only offices that our non-club members cannot run for are the president and vice-president positions, all other positions are open to any of our members. Also, the president and vice-president must be migrant seniors. All of our students are welcomed to run for the Royal Court of Honor, a very prestigious honor.  Both the King and the Queen have to be migrant seniors, whereas, the princess and prince can be of any grade level and can also be migrant or non-migrant members. All of our students are asked to participate in the fundraising activities. Some of our fundraisers include selling popcorn, pickles and drinks, selling the World's Finest Chocolates and other smaller fundraisers.